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ISBN: 9781094000749
  • Author: Rickstad
  • Condition: New
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From the internationally bestselling author of I Am Not Who You Think I Am, a New York Times Thriller of the Year, comes Lilith, an incendiary, bold powerhouse of a novel that blazes a path to the wounded heart of America.

Once a month, kindergarten teacher and single mom Elisabeth Ross must perform her school's lockdown ritual, ushering her students under their desks as they train for a day she hopes will never come.

But that day does come.

When it does, Elisabeth ignores her training to save her students and rescue her son, Lydan, who suffers traumatic injuries. Despairing and enraged at the men in power who stand by and do nothing, she believes it is her destiny to expose them as cowards and commits her own act of shocking violence.

Calling herself "Lilith"--after the first wife of Adam who fled Eden--she posts a video of her crime that captures the attention of the world.

Idolized and demonized by millions, Elisabeth struggles to keep her secret as she cares for her infirm son. With the FBI closing in, Lydan starts to display odd behaviors, and Elisabeth takes desperate measures to evade capture--afraid she will lose Lydan forever.

Lilith is a tale of our times, written with Rickstad's singular command of language, human insight, and unnerving suspense. Both dark and moving, it's a novel that echoes in the mind and lingers in the blood.

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