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Young Elizabeth: Elizabeth I and Her Perilous Path to the Crown

Young Elizabeth: Elizabeth I and Her Perilous Path to the Crown

ISBN: 9781639365845
  • Author: Tallis
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The first definitive biography of the young Elizabeth I in over twenty years--drawing on a rich variety of primary sources--tracing her tumultuous path to the crown.

Queen Elizabeth I is renowned for her hugely successful reign that makes her, perhaps, the most celebrated monarch in English history. But what of the trials she faced in her challenging early life?

Her status as a princess didn't last long--when she was less than three years old, her mother--the infamous Anne Boleyn--was brutally beheaded and Elizabeth was relegated to the title of bastard. After losing several stepmothers, she then faced predatory attentions and illicit flirtations from her stepfather, Thomas Seymour, which ultimately forced Elizabeth to leave her home.

But these were only the beginning of Elizabeth's problems. Later, she became implicated in a plot to overthrow her half-sister, Mary, and faced interrogation and imprisonment in the very tower in which her mother died. Adamantly protesting her innocence, Elizabeth endured the interrogation and was eventually released. Her popularity as a royal increased from that point on, and she finally became queen at the age of twenty-five. Expert historian Nicola Tallis draws on a variety of primary sources--from the queen herself as well as those closest to her--to provide an extensive and thorough study of the Virgin Queen's perilous journey to the crown.

Looking at Elizabeth as a human being rather than a political chess piece, her narrative explores the dangers and tragedies that plagued Elizabeth's early life, revealing the queen to be a young women who drew strength from her various plights as she navigated one of the most thrilling paths to the throne in the history of the monarchy.
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