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Whisper Omnibus 3

Whisper Omnibus 3

ISBN: 9781939888839
  • Author: Grant, Steven
  • Condition: LikeNew
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The evolution of Whisper continues in this enthralling third omnibus. Join Steven Grant and Vince Giaranno as they masterfully continue the tale of a woman caught between identities, and the battles that define her.

Once she was Alexis Devin. Then, she became Diane Young. But who is she now? The mask remains, a symbol of a past that's inescapable. As she delves deeper into the shadows, the line between ally and enemy blurs, and the mask she wears may be the only thing preserving her true identity.

While her martial arts training granted her formidable skills, it's her innate resilience and unyielding determination that will be tested. Heroes don't always wear costumes, and sometimes the most daunting battles are the ones that rage within as she faces new threats, unravels darker conspiracies, and confronts her own haunting past. She may have changed her name, but can she rewrite her destiny?

Prepare for a journey that proves once again: in a world of deception and danger, silence speaks volumes.

Reprints Whisper #25-37 (First), Whisper #1 (Boom!)

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