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The Underhanded

The Underhanded

ISBN: 9781608096008
  • Author: Sikes
  • Condition: New
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Europe's last line of defense against neofascism--a history professor?

Professor William Dresden has found solitude in the south of France to grapple with his troubled past--a neglected upbringing, failed romances, the recent demolition of his life's work in academia, and even witnessing genocide, among other secrets. But he soon learns that he has much larger problems when an adrift MI6 officer, Adeline Parker, calls and insists on a meeting, revealing shocking information about his family. Then a bomb explodes.

William and Adeline narrowly escape the attempt on their lives and find themselves battling a group of neofascists and extreme nationalists who are inciting violent divisions across Europe. They are pulled into a shadowy war against a cabal called the Strasbourg Executive and pushed to the brink by family betrayals, corrupt institutions, and the Executive's subversive plots against the fabric of Western society.

To survive, William must make tough decisions and act in ways he could've never previously imagined--but even that might not be enough.

Perfect for fans of Dan Brown and Jack Carr
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