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The Power of Going All-In: Secrets for Success in Business, Leadership, and Life

The Power of Going All-In: Secrets for Success in Business, Leadership, and Life

ISBN: 9781394196180
  • Author: Bornancin
  • Condition: VeryGood
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Discover a proven framework for leadership you can apply to your own unique environment

In The Power of Going All In, serial entrepreneur and sales leader Brandon Bornancin delivers a first-person account of what it takes to build, lead, and manage a world-class company. The author draws on his many years of experience launching and managing successful companies to present effective strategies for inspiring your people to do more, be more, and achieve more.

You'll discover a customizable framework you can apply to your own environment to create your own unique path to leadership greatness, at school, at work, and anywhere else you're responsible for the performance of those who follow you. You'll find:

  • Tried-and-tested methods for unlocking the potential of the people you lead
  • Effective alternatives to counter-productive leadership "strategies," like micromanagement
  • Reasons why leadership isn't about the letters behind your name or fancy titles on your office door

A practical and effective toolkit for entrepreneurs, managers, executives, board members, founders, sales professionals, and other leaders looking for ways to harness the full potential of the people they lead, The Power of Going All In is also perfect for those looking for a leadership methodology that's been proven to work in the real world.

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