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The Husband Heist (The Dainty Devils)

The Husband Heist (The Dainty Devils)

ISBN: 9781963585148
  • Author: Harvey
  • Condition: VeryGood
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A lady art thief, an earl, and a scorchingly sexy heist gone wrong in all the best ways.

As a duke's twin sister, Lady Summer is used to being both noticed and ignored-and she finally means to use it to her advantage.

First, she steals art from The Mayfair Art Collectors Society with none the wiser. Well, except for Eliot Howard, the Earl of Blackpool, a rakehell and the bane of her existence. But as the art she steals with her madcap friends rightfully belongs to Eliot's aunt, Summer is certain he will not get in the way.

The trouble is, she has also accidentally stolen a list of women spies working for the Crown. Someone is using the art exhibit to pass messages about an auction to sell off the code that will reveal the names and put them all in danger. Summer is determined to protect them.

Eliot is determined to protect Summer above all, even as they work together to take down the auction. He has loved Summer for over a decade and he sees the brilliant and passionate woman beneath the perfect exterior.

He means to have them both: thief and duke's daughter.

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The Husband Heist

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