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The Five-Minute Druid: Connection Made Easy

The Five-Minute Druid: Connection Made Easy

ISBN: 9781803413808
  • Author: Watkins
  • Condition: LikeNew
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'As soon as I started to read The Five-Minute Druid I found a simplicity that was heartening and an invite to this path that is open to all ages and abilities. May this book reach many and inspire all.' Eamonn Doyle, Book Reviewer

The Five-Minute Druid is written for those who are new to Druidry, struggling with their path, or looking to find ways to connect or re-engage in small, easy ways. From daily observations to five-minute meditations, there is something for everyone struggling to include Druidry in their daily lives. You could be flat out at work with not a minute to spare, have a new baby in the house and many sleepless nights, or you could be housebound or recovering from an illness. Whatever the reasons, life sometimes throws up challenges that sway us from our path. This guide gives suggestions for how to support your practice and your self in short manageable bursts, helping you to reconnect in just five minutes.

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