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The Faceless Moon (Exiles Trilogy)

The Faceless Moon (Exiles Trilogy)

ISBN: 9780648623717
  • Author: Capes
  • Condition: New
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Luminous spawn of the Moon Father creep across kingdoms.

Yet neither Mei nor Iggy, still separated, realise the depth of the threat - nor their role in stopping it.

One, however is aware. Thorn, the imposter seated upon Nasaru's throne, moves his pieces to manipulate them.

Thankfully, not all who take an interest in the siblings harbour such dark intent, and as their paths start to converge, welcome allies appear. Mei is joined by a merchant, Coral Sorcerer and Greyshield on a voyage to the Raging Isle, seeking a precious commodity to locate her brother.

And while across the land Rokura still protects Iggy from old and new threats alike, the trail of his ever-elusive quarry continues to fade. Worse, a betrayal will soon cast doubt upon everything the Greyshield once held sacred.

In desperation, Anyo has turned to Binya the corpse-singer.

Despite her promise to divine the Sothalic's location, there is a cost - a pact with the unknown. Even so, the Beggar Prince now knows that if he fails to discover the legendary blade, his lands and those beyond will be smothered in darkness at the hands of the Moon Father.

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