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The Effects of Pickled Herring: A Graphic Novel (Coming of Age Book, Graphic Novel for High School)

The Effects of Pickled Herring: A Graphic Novel (Coming of Age Book, Graphic Novel for High School)

ISBN: 9781684813568
  • Author: Schumacher
  • Condition: VeryGood
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Discover Life Lessons in Faith and Family in This Graphic Novel for Grades 7-12

This coming-of-age tale offers a poignant reflection on growing up, sibling relationships, and the enduring bonds of family, making it an essential read for young adults ages 16-19.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. The Effects of Pickled Herring by Alex Schumacher is a poignant coming-of-age graphic novel. As 12-year-old Micah Gadsky and his spirited sister Alana prepare for their dual bar and bat mitzvah, they grapple with a family secret that unravels their understanding of faith and identity. Micah's introspective nature and Alana's outgoing spirit collide, leading them to confront the complexities of growing up, and ultimately, the enduring power of familial bonds.

A vividly illustrated graphic novel for high school age readers. The author's mix of humor and heart in The Effects of Pickled Herring makes this coming of age book relatable for all young adult readers. If you are looking for books about family dynamics, brother and sister relationships, books about growing up, or one's introspection on faith, pick up a copy of The Effects of Pickled Herring!

Inside find:

  • A compelling exploration of self-worth, identity, and anti-Semitism
  • A heartrending portrayal of the effects of Alzheimer's on a family unit
  • Engaging illustrations that vividly bring the narrative to life
  • Relatable themes for young adult readers navigating the challenges of growing up

Looking for the best teen graphic novels for ages 16-19? This is for you! If you liked Calling My Name or A First Time for Everything, you will love The Effects of Pickled Herring.

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