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The Dovetail Book

The Dovetail Book

ISBN: 9781950934942
  • Author: Woodworking
  • Condition: New
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Master the Dovetail...The Iconic, Fundamental Woodworking Joint.

The iconic dovetail is the king of woodworking joints; creating a beautiful, tightly fit dovetail corner ranks top among many woodworkers' bucket lists. Get your pins and tails straight with this must-have collection of techniques, instructions, jigs, and tips from Popular Woodworking. You'll expand your repertoire of tight-fitting dovetails from traditional to varieties such as sliding, housed, half-blind, compound, houndstooth, and more.

With words of wisdom from the likes of Christopher Schwarz, Frank Klausz, Roy Underhill, and Bill Hylton, you'll soon be able to create satisfying dovetails with both hand and power tools. After absorbing the techniques and processes described, you'll be able to create handsome drawers, boxes, cabinets, and more. Stuffed with useful advice, jigs, and step-by-step instructions, this volume will please any woodworker who wants to master the quintessential dovetail joint.

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