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The Book of Earth: Book Four of The Azimar Archives

The Book of Earth: Book Four of The Azimar Archives

ISBN: 9781953790118
  • Author: Hennion
  • Condition: LikeNew
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A dying city.

A cursed infant and his hatchling companion.

And two lovers fighting opposing battles.

The future of Azimar has never been more uncertain.

Etritia is a city in ruin, and Mothlenor is a king of only death and famine. Trissa's Gift is proving difficult for the princess to control, and even Mothlenor himself must face his own mortality. No one within Etritia's walls is safe from the diseases of decay and fear.

The Elori infant, Rushavi, was bound to his hatchling dragon at birth. But how can a babe be responsible for finding and protecting the Amulet of Earth when he is only weeks old? And the hatchling refuses to commune with the others around him, creating only more questions. With the help of the young pair, Syrani and Halcia discover there is more to a companion bond than they had ever guessed.

Eilonwy, disguised as a barmaid in Larten, still yearns to aid her people. But danger has come to Larten, putting Jaimes at risk. Jaimes refuses to leave and risk endangering his loved ones again, but Eilonwy is just as stubborn in her refusal to abandon her husband and Mathius to save herself. All the while, both sense the noose tightening around Larten.

Azimar's past will now unravel her future, and legends from long ago may save her.

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