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Super Switch (Orca Echoes)

Super Switch (Orca Echoes)

ISBN: 9781459833616
  • Author: Szpirglas, Saint-Onge
  • Condition: LikeNew
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Nine-year-old Bailey Kaufman is nervous for their first day of school at the Hero Academy, the elementary school for young superheroes.

Surrounded by classmates with incredible powers, like flying and super snot, Bailey isn't sure where they fit in. However, a new machine designed to help students discover and learn to control their powers might have the answers Bailey is looking for. It was created by Mr. Kaufman, the new principal and Bailey's dad. But when another student thinks they recognize Mr. Kaufman from an old comic book, Bailey is shocked. It couldn't be their dad...could it? Either way, fitting in is going to be harder than Bailey thought.

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