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Nikki and Deja: Substitute Trouble (Nikki & Deja)

Nikki and Deja: Substitute Trouble (Nikki & Deja)

ISBN: 9780544223882
  • Author: English
  • Condition: New
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What will Nikki and Deja do when their beloved teacher is out and a clueless substitute takes her place?

Deja is dismayed to learn that her teacher has had an accident and a substitute will be taking her place. Under the new sub's care, nothing is the same in Room Ten.

A few of the class troublemakers plot to take advantage of the situation, and soon other students join in. Should Nikki and Deja go along with the rest of the kids in tormenting him? Should they help him out by tattling on their classmates? Or is there another way to handle the situation?

Here is another charming entry in a chapter book series praised for its accessibility, authenticity, and humor.

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