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Nahla: Warrior of the North (Nahla Chronicles)

Nahla: Warrior of the North (Nahla Chronicles)

ISBN: 9780648864165
  • Author: Marone
  • Condition: New
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Old Earth is dying, but humanity endures despite the hardships of a far-future, post-apocalyptic world. Nahla, a disgraced and exiled veteran warrior from the Kingdom of Melbourne, treks across the Endless Land, ready to die for her failures.

Instead of succumbing to the barren wasteland, Nahla discovers a civilisation nobody knew existed-the Kingdom of Launceston. Here she finds a new king to serve and a new people to protect. But a dark secret and fiendish plots hang over this southern land, threatening to plunge the kingdom into war and chaos. Under the scorching sun and in the depths of shadows, Nahla contends with bandit clans, mercenaries, suspicious lords, murderous criminals, and hidden agendas.

With allies forged in unlikely places and enemies lurking in the shadows, she uncovers the threads that bind her destiny to the fate of the kingdom. In a world where the line between salvation and destruction is razor-thin, Nahla will fight not only for her own redemption, but for the future of a civilisation on the cusp of oblivion.

This is Nahla's second chance. There is too much at stake to fail again.

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