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Incongruent Flamingo (Space Cocaine)

Incongruent Flamingo (Space Cocaine)

ISBN: 9781630230784
  • Author: Teppo, Grove, McCollough
  • Condition: New
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Five is the number of fingers on one hand, and that is five more fingers than a flamingo has. Once again, our stalwart writers wrestle with the perplexing contradictions of the natural world.

This volume of Space Cocaine contains the following stories:

- "Cat and Crow" by Remy Nakamura

- "HOA" by Jeb R. Sherrill

- "Foreverland" by Andrew W. McCollough

-"The Contendings" by Lara Messersmith-Glavin

- "Flood" by Cody T Luff

- "When" by Kate Ristau

- "Gerald in the Mirror" by Erik Grove

- "Hook & Land" by Mark Teppo

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