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Devotion (Re:)

Devotion (Re:)

ISBN: 9780262048798
  • Author: Bradley
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A beautifully illustrated book-length publication on the contemporary artist and Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Garrett Bradley, whose quietly devastating work blurs the space between fact and fiction.

Garrett Bradley works across narrative, documentary, and experimental modes of filmmaking to address themes such as race, class, familial relationships, social justice, and cultural histories in the United States. Her collaborative and research-based approach to filmmaking is often inspired by the real-life stories of her protagonists. This book explores the many varied themes of Bradley's work and features interviews and conversations with, as well as commissioned essays from, Tina Campt, Josie Roland Hodson, Ashley Clark, and Kevin Quashie. This is the first volume in a new series of readers co-published with Lisson Gallery entitled Re:, which will respond or refer back to a number of its artists and themes past and present.

Adopting archival material alongside newly shot footage, Bradley's films exist simultaneously in the past, present, and future, not only disrupting our perception of time, but also breaking down our preconceived ideas about objectivity, perspective, and truth-telling. These narratives unfold naturally in both feature-length and short form, rather than force themselves into a singular definition or perspective, and consequently reveal the characters' multifaceted individual and collective stories. Bradley's rigorous explorations of the social, economic, and racial politics of everyday life--its joys, pleasures, and pains--are lyrically and intimately rendered on screen.
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