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Cooking Step by Step

Cooking Step by Step

ISBN: 9781465465689
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A must-have cookbook for budding young chefs with over 50 mouth-watering recipes to help you cook with confidence!

Introducing Cooking Step-by-Step, a brilliant cookbook for kids that will teach them how to chop, mix, and stir their way to kitchen magic and learn how to make perfect pasta, wonderful wraps and much more! Jam-packed with more than 50 delicious recipes that are easy to make, using readily available kitchen ingredients, and are tasty enough for the whole family to enjoy together!

This children's cookbook aims to teach young chefs aged 5-9 that cooking can be fun, educational and inspiring! Discover top tips, tricks, and kitchen fundamentals - all while having a great time making simple snacks, balanced meals, and sweet treats.

Celebrate your child's curiosity and culinary skills as they explore:

- Crystal clear instructions for young readers to ensure the dishes are a success every time
- Handy tips and techniques throughout to test out new skills
- Recipes that contain a good balance of tasty, healthy dishes, modern and exciting twists on classics, and the occasional sweet treat
- Includes both international and vegetarian recipes
- Featuring a section on kitchey safety measures
- Full list of kitchen equipment

Split into three core chapters, covering Light Bites including falafels and fluffy pancakes, then moving onto Main Dishes, such as sticky chicken and salmon parcels, and finally featuring Sweet Treats and Bakes, like clever cookies, chocolate slabs, granola bars and so much more, proving something for every budding young chef to learn and discover, and plenty of delicious dishes for the whole family to enjoy together.

The clear and easy-to-read recipes accompanied by step-by-step pictures explains how to make each dish in a way that doesn't talk down to young readers, and teaches them how to make real meals, to be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between! A must-have cookery book for children who are interested learning how to cook, with 50 fun-filled recipes featured, and instructions on teaching kids how to cook raw vegetables, fish, grains, legumes, meat and more!
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